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A company build on passion

Geric is a Dutch company manufacturing top quality carbon fibre wheels for high-performance and luxury cars. The technology and engineering spirit of the company originate from the design experience and track-record of Wiet Huidekoper within the racing car industry: An automotive engineer who has been designing carbon composite structures since 1984 for reputed automotive companies such as Porsche, GM (Opel), Dallara and Lola. Winning the 24-Hours of Le Mans twice with Porsche’s GT1 factory racing cars during the 19-nineties.

The 1998 winning Porsche GT1


Over the past decades carbon is increasingly being used for aircraft and racing cars in critical structures hugely enhancing their safety and durability. Using this experience and know-how, Geric designed and developed a vastly superior carbon wheel range to meet the highest demands for performance and safety, enhancing comfort as well as saving energy because of the reduced weight.

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Geric wheels pre-marketing at SEMA

Although our research & development is based on sound engineering basis, experience and knowledge, we also know that the best proof of the pudding is in the eating.

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Opening a United States production plant

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Global patents for SCENTES™ awarded