The know-how and track-record of Geric have firm roots in the top of motor racing tested at the toughest racing events in the world.

35 years of history and heritage

Over the past 35 years, car design have increasingly included carbon fibre structures, designed by Wiet Huidekoper, Geric’s CTO.  Wiet’s work included designs for car brands such as Porsche, Lola, Dallara, Opel DTM and many more. This in depth knowledge of car design in all its aspects and the dynamic interaction of all and every car component during these top performance challenges have been fed into the design and engineering of the Geric high performance carbon fibre wheels.

The story of Geric over the years


Several patents globally awarded for SCENTES™ and unique construction features


Extended test programme in cooperation with Fraunhofer Institut and TÜV in Germany


First carbon fibre wheels produced in Geric’s industrial-scale process


Carbon fibre wheel design and production methods development

Company founded and first prototype carbon fibre wheels