Geric wheels pre-marketing at SEMA

November 6th 2014

Although our research & development is based on sound engineering basis, vast car construction experience and in-depth composite material knowledge, we also know that the best proof of the pudding is in the eating. 

So, next to track testing, we took our carbon fibre wheels, together with our partners, to SEMA to test the market response and obtain as much as possible customer feedback. Needless to say, as is clear from the above picture, how much we were taken aback by enthusiasm and positive reactions from the crowd as well as from experts. On the other hand, we have taken useful information with us in order to elaborate further on client considerations, impressions and overall market developments in order to improve your product offering yet further in the future. All will come back in our product line-up and superior technology offerings and at the race-track or the “autobahn” near you..

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