Geric engineered a wide range of carbon fibre wheels specifically for the automotive top brands enhancing the qualities and enjoyment of such automobiles.

Key specifications

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High performance

Measurably improved acceleration and braking. Vastly enhanced driving comfort and handling. 0-100 km/h (0-63 mph) acceleration improves by up to 8%.

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Zero compromise

Low weight combined with strength and durability. Endurance and impact testing have proven carbon wheels to be 32% more impact resistant than comparative light alloy wheels.

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Energy saving

Energy saving of up to 8% on the ECE consumption norm cycle. The production of carbon wheel rims is 53% more energy efficient than light alloy wheels.

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Engineering design

Extensively engineered and aesthetically pleasing variety of designs.

An exclusive wheel for an exclusive car

Geric carbon wheels benefit from highest automotive testing and the company’s thorough understanding of composite construction and design. The wheels feature several patented solutions for strengths and durability combined with attractive design features. Geric carbon wheels provide vastly improved driving comfort and handling, as well as enhanced performance. The low weight combined with high stiffness and durability provides significant energy savings because of the reduced gyroscopic effect. During peak performance, wheels – being in fact gyroscopes – use up lots of energy when acceleration, cornering or braking. This effect is magnified with the larger wheel diameters of today. This enhanced performance due to the reduction of the rotating mass substantially improves the driving comfort, safety and overall performance.

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Company founder Wiet Huidekoper has been designing carbon structures since 1984 for motorsports and automotive applications. During the 19-nineties he lead a team of engineers to design all composite structures for Porsche’s factory Le Mans team.

In close cooperation with the German TÜV and the Fraunhofer Institut for wheels and tyres Geric has been evaluating the strength and durability of its wheels. Geric continuously monitors the quality of its products and manufacturing processes.

SCENTES® stands for Self-Centring-Thermal-Expansion-System, which covers a number of patents as employed in the Geric products. 50 cm (20”) of aluminium expands 0.96mm when heated from room temperature of 20*C (68*F) to the temperature of boiling water 100*C (212*F), while the carbon rim does not expand at all with increasing temperatures. If this is not taken care of in the design it will cause significant stress. The unique SCENTES® solution accommodates the expansion of the light alloy without causing undue stress in the wheel.

Carbon fibre wheels feature increased performance and energy saving advantages:

  • Low weight combined with great strength and durability
  • Energy savings of up to 8% on the ECE consumption norm cycle
  • Measurably improved acceleration and braking
  • Vastly enhanced driving comfort and handling
  • Engineered and aesthetically pleasing design

The best cars deserve the best wheels

Not only your car deserves these wheels, but you will enjoy your driving so much more with these light wheels making the experience much more tactile.

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