The Geric wheels and the production technology have been developed over a period of several years and are firmly based on a wealth of experience with modern composite engineering.

Envisioned by engineers


Geric carbon fibre wheels express their high-tech character by its prime engineering design as well as the typical carbon look, firmly belonging to high grade automobiles and their high-performance.


Geric’s parent company BBK has been an integral part of the TÜV Commission to determine German and EU certifying norms for polymere composite wheel rims since its inception in 2008. Geric carbon wheels comfortably comply with all existing testing norms for wheel rims.

Finite element analysis (FEA)

One of the many steps from initial concept to ready product is extensive testing. Today we start this process by computer simulations or Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Every new idea is subjected to full FE Analysis.


Raw material

Carbon strong as steel, yet a thirteenth of the weight. Carbon fibre today is rapidly replacing steel and other metals where a combination of high strength and low weight is required. This has, for example, greatly enhanced the safety in Formula One and other racing categories. Equally, it made its entrance into passenger aircraft.


The fully controlled manufacturing process is based on proprietary technology and production methods and observes highest quality assurance standards. Embedded RFID chip in the wheel enables full traceability of the product and all materials. Continuous process of innovating the technology and the key process machinery lead to increasing manufacturing efficiency and new product innovation possibilities.

Decades of experience

Extensive track record in designing high-performance cars provide the Geric team with comprehensive understanding of ongoing dynamics within and interactions between key automotive structural components and all requirements for their engineering. This experience and know-how are contained in the development and design of the superior carbon fibre wheels.

The people behind Geric